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6th International Congress On Healthcare And Hospital Management |December 13-16, 2015

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Invitation to Congress

Prof. Dr. Seval Akgün  & Prof Dr. A.F. Al ASSAF (CONGRESS CO-CHAIRS)

 Healthcare systems, especially technological advancements, are going to contribute more and more to society’s welfare. More particularly, with the developments in the Internet and IT, world is going to shrink more and consumers will be able to follow information about health and healthcare from their home easily. Information exchange between healthcare providers and receivers will increase. Globalization provides societies significant opportunities on healthcare developments with the advancement like technology transfer and dissemination of information. On the other hand, it has negative consequences such as inequality in access resources and data.


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Through professional affiliation and partnership American Institute of Healthcare Quailty has continued to expand its ability to meet the needs and demands of healthcare facilities and professionals, these are just a few of the relationships AIHQ has developed in its efforts to bring the best quality outcomes to its clients.