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Fellowships Programs



SEMESTER: One Calendar year


PURPOSE: To provide a one year extensive graduate training and continuous education towards a Fellowship in Healthcare Quality (FMQ). This fellowship program (“program”) will be offered at the American Institute for Healthcare Quality in collaboration with local healthcare organizations.


PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: To provide the participants with enhanced skills to initiate, develop, and sustain medical care excellence. The program provides the participants with advanced skills in quality management, provider performance measurements and improvements, clinical practice management and patient care outcomes. The participant will also be introduced to methods for organizational development, team building, problem-solving techniques, and process improvement. Participants will be engaged in research projects and in the delivery of presentations.


INTENDED AUDIENCE: This program is open for healthcare professionals only and an advanced professional level degree is required for acceptance into the program. International participants should have a working knowledge of English.



  1. PARTICIPATION AND ATTENDANCE: Active participation in discussions and presentations.

  2. COMPREHENSIVE FELLOWSHIP EXAM: There will be ONE exam given



DELIVERABLES: “Certificate of Attendance” from the American Institute for Healthcare Quality upon attending all lectures and presentations, successful completion of a practical project, and the participation in the Practicum. For those participants interested in receiving the “Fellowship in Healthcare Quality” then successful completion of a comprehensive examination is required.




I. Didactic Training (4 months): Will consist of various training modalities (lecture, experiential learning, exercises, videos, computers, etc.) in the following major areas:

1. Overview of the U.S. Health Care System with comparative analysis of international health systems.

2. The concept of Medical Quality

3. Implementing Quality in Clinical Departments

4. Quantitative Aspects of health care Quality

5. Cost and Quality

6. Regulation, Accreditation and Licensure

7. Other related programs


II. Practicum (4 months): Participants will be visiting various healthcare organizations throughout the region. An organization may host the participant for the duration of the practicum (4 months). They will receive orientations and may involve themselves in the activities of the quality improvement/management areas of the organization.


III. Practical Project (4 months – also see above): Each participant will be asked to choose a practical project in health care quality that should be completed by the end of the program. Each project should be documented and presented both in writing and orally to the class during the last week of the program. This project must be equivalent to a graduate degree final project.

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