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Certified Facilities Safety Officer (CFSO) 

This course outlines the roles and responsibilities of a facility manager and safety officer in a healthcare organization. It describes the different entities within each healthcare organization related to facilities management such as general safety, security, hazardous materials management, utilities management, fire safety, emergency preparedness and biomedical equipment inventory and management. Issued related to periodic inspections and facility tour activities will be discussed and methods of evaluating organization's readiness for disasters and outside emergencies will also be presented. Techniques and tools for facility safety officer including a typical job description will also be presented. 

Topics Include: 

  • Overview of facility management and safety (FMS) in healthcare organizations

  • Roles and responsibilities of an FMS officer

  • FMS Standards for healthcare organizations

  • Environmental safety plans: General Safety; Security; Utilities Management; Fire Safety; Hazardous Materials management; Medica! Equipment inventory and management; Emergency Preparedness

  • Environmental Tracers in healthcare organizations

  • Facility inspection and periodic evaluations

  • Role of Quality Management in FMS

  • Leadership Role in FMS

  • Delegated Services Oversight

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified Facilities Safety Officer (CFSO)  
Direct Readings for CFSO  
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