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Certified Professional in Quality and Patient Safety (CPQPS) 

The CPQPS course is designed to give healthcare professionals a generalized understanding of healthcare quality and patient safety and its implementation. This course is an introductory overview of the concepts and principles of healthcare quality and patient safety, and a history of how Quality became an important part of evaluating systems in healthcare settings. Participants will acquire basic skills in organizational improvement, understanding medica! errors, team building, and problem solving techniques.  

Topics Include: 


•    Introduction to Quality, Healthcare Quality

•    Quality & Healthcare Quality Gurus and Theories

•    Leadership and Management in Healthcare Quality

•    Strategic Management and Planning in Healthcare

•    Statistics in Healthcare Quality

•    Healthcare Quality Statistical Tools

•    Key Performance Measures in Healthcare Quality

•    Performance Improvement

•    Six Sigma and Toyota Lean Quality Management

•    Root Cause Analysis

•    Risk Management and FMEA

•    Health Information Systems

•    Accreditation and Healthcare Quality Institutions and A wards

•    Introduction to Patient Safety History

•    Systems Thinking, Design, and Human Factors Engineering

•    Healthcare Associated Errors

•    Team and Group Building

•    Accreditation and Patient Safety

•    Workforce Safety, Credentialing, Privileging, and Licensing

•    Patient Empowerment and Disclosure

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified Professional in Quality and Patient Safety (CPQPS) 
Direct Readings for CPQPS  
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