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Certified Professional in Infection Control (CPIC) 

The CPIC course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with or without a background in epidemiology or microbiology and a solid foundation in infection control practices. This course takes you through the basics of microbiology, epidemiology, patient and workplace safety, and infection control practices in a healthcare setting. By the end of the course, you will have learned local infection control standards, how to develop a team approach to infection control, and you will have designed a basic program for infection prevention and control in a healthcare facility. 

Topics Include: 


•    Introduction to microbiology

•    Basic concepts of epidemiology

•    Common healthcare-associated infections

•    Infection control within specific settings

•    Infection control precautions

•    Infection control standards, policies, and procedures

•    Performance improvement and patient safety

•    Applying the principles of infection control in a healthcare environment

•    Organizing and Managing an infection control program in a HC facility

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified Professional in Infection Control (CPIC)   
Direct Readings for Certified Professional in Infection Control (CPIC)    
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