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Certified Medication Safety Officer (CMSO) 

This course presents the different activities related to a safe and effective medication management and use processes. It will discuss the steps and activities related to procurement, transport, storage, labeling, shelving, ordering, prescription, dispensing, administration and evaluation. It also discussed roles and responsibilities of pharmacists, nurses and doctors in the medication management and use processes and their related activities to ensure the safety of medication use. 

Topics Include: 

  • Introduction to medication management processes

    • Ordering and procurement;

    • Transporting;

    • Storing;

    • Shelving and Labeling;

    • Prescribing;

    • Dispensing;

    • Administering;

    • Monitoring;

    • Reviewing, Evaluating and Improving

  • Standards of medication management and use

  • Patient Safety standards/goals

  • Clinical Risk Management and Management of Medication

  • Role of Medication Safety Officer

  • Role of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

  • Role of Quality Improvement in Medication Management

  • Evaluation of Medication Management program

  • Prevention and Control of Sentinel and Adverse Events

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified Medication Safety Officer (CMSO)  
Direct Readings for Certified Medication Safety Officer (CMSO)  
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