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Certified Professional in Human Resources Management (CPHRM) 

The aim of this certificate Course program is to help develop professional skills that will manage human resources programs and activities to manage and protect the organization and its employees from labor and employment issues. Participants will discuss state of the art human resources management practices and methods to identify gaps in managing the human resources of an organization .

Topics Include: 

•    Strategic management of human resources

•    Workforce planning

•    Organizing and administering HRM programs in organizations

•    Managing professionals in organizations

•    Ethical and legal issues in HRM

•    Staffing plans and staffing management

•    Recruitment and retention of employees

•    Employee selection and hiring processes

•    Job analysis and job design

•    Employee appraisals and performance evaluations

•    Diversity in organizations

•    Organizational development and staff training

•    Compensation schemes and management challenges

•    Offering and managing employee benefits programs

•    Employee health and safety in the workplace

•    Managing labor disputes and organized labor

•    Measuring and enhancing employee productivity

•    Current and future trends in HRM

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified Professional in Human Resources Management (CPHRM)   
Direct Readings for Certified Professional in Human Resources Management (CPHRM) 
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