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Certified in Healthcare Insurance Administration(CHIA) 

This course describes the topics of health insurance, healthcare financial management and health economics. The participants will be exposed to a description of the different types of insurance in healthcare and the different organizations dealing with insurance as well as the pros and cons of each. Issues like access, quality and affordability of healthcare are discussed and the methods by which organizations are financed to provide their care services. Also presented are schemes by which healthcare organizations improve their revenues and limit their expenses while maintaining the quality of care services provided. Factors that influence funding, expenditures and rationing of healthcare services are also discussed. 

Topics Include: 

•    Introduction to Insurance and Health Insurance

•    Indemnity vs. Managed Care Insurance

•    How providers get paid?

•    How care is managed?

•    Healthcare expenditures

•    Types of insurance organizations

•    Types of managed care organizations

•    Roles of healthcare providers in healthcare insurance

•    Impact of health insurance on care processes

•    Financing Healthcare: sources and outlets

•    Fundamentals of healthcare financial management

•    The Economics of Care; Care access and distribution; rationing and justifications

•    Cost containment at the institutional and national levels

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified in Healthcare Insurance Administration (CHIA) 
Direct Readings for CHIA  
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