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American Institute of Healthcare Quality Fellowship (FAIHQ) 

The Fellowship program at the American Institute for Healthcare Quality is designed to distinguish highly accomplished individuals working towards sustained quality in healthcare. Fellows are accepted to the institute based upon our board's review of their qualifications, work experience, and knowledge of healthcare quality subjects. The FAIHQ course is a resource that fellowship candidates may utilize to help prepare for the fellowship exam. Fellowship exam candidates must demonstrate outstanding leadership and accomplishments in the field of healthcare quality.

Topics Include: 

•    Strategic planning in healthcare quality

•    Healthcare quality program planning

•    Leadership and principles of healthcare quality

•    Patient safety

•    Ethics of healthcare quality

•    Team-building, meetings, and communication

•    Credentialing, privileging and peer review

•    Types of documentation and medical record

•    Measurements and monitoring for quality

•    Performance improvement tools and statistics

•    Patient safety tools

•    Performance improvement models and projects

•    Risk management

•    Organization, financing, and delivery of health services

•    Current issues in healthcare quality

•    Legal aspects of healthcare quality

•    Total quality cost

•    Economics of healthcare quality

Duration: 28 hours 

Fellowship of the American Institute of Healthcare Quality (FAIHQ) 
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