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Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO) 

The CPSO course is designed to help develop professional or research skills for those who are interested in effecting patient safety outcomes. This course will assist participants in understanding how to effectively meet the requirements of a patient safety program and how to implement national and international patient safety goals in healthcare organizations and in particular hospitals. Emphasis will be placed on the effective use of resources by developing intervention strategies based on patient and clinical risks. By the end of the course, you will have developed your own comprehensive patient safety program for your department, unit, or institution. 

Topics Include: 

•    Patient safety overview

•    The interaction between patient safety and risk management

•    Principles of national and international patient safety goals

•    Implementing patient safety goals in a hospital

•    Techniques to improve patient safety

•    Patient safety indicators towards performance improvement

•    Medical errors and adverse occurrences

•    Medical errors management

•    Ethics, the law and patient safety

•    Documentation and Medical record

•    Patient safety and quality tools

•    Informed consent

•    Designing and implementing patient safety programs in hospitals

•    Quality, cost, access and impact on patient safety

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO) 
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