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Certified in Healthcare Quality (CHQ) 


The CHQ course is designed to give an introduction and a generalized understanding of healthcare quality and its implementation. This course takes you through an overview of the healthcare systems in the US and a comparative study of other systems around the world, the concept of and principles of healthcare quality, anda history of how Quality has become an integral part of evaluating our healthcare system. Participants will horre their skills in organizational development, healthcare quality management, team building, problem solving techniques, and process improvement. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to assess, measure, and plan for, and improve quality within your healthcare organization. 

Topics Include: 

•    Overview of the healthcare systems around the world

•    Current issues of healthcare quality

•    The Concept of healthcare quality

•    Historical evolution of quality in healthcare

•    Planning and organizing for healthcare quality

•    Quality improvement and quality assurance

•    Dissemination of healthcare quality

•    Data collection, analysis and management

•    Measuring and monitoring quality

•    Quality cost and cost containment

•    Economics of healthcare quality

•    Regulations, Accreditations, and Licensure

Duration: 28 hours 

Certified in Health Quality (CHQ)
Direct Readings/Material for CHQ course
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